Are Bands and Meds the solution to Travel Sickness?

A recent BBC airing of “Rip Off Britain” in which Angela Ripon, Gloria Hunniford and Julia Somerville investigated the efficacy of various travel sickness remedies to test whether the claims made on the packaging actually rang true.

Made by the BBC and revered for its straight talking no nonsense exposure of products failing to meet their claims “RIP Off Britain” has a following due to the integrity of the program and its presenters.

BBC investigation Into Travel Sickness Remedies

This episode see the presenters work with Professor John Golding on the University of London (Westminster College of Medicine) on the possible treatments for travel sickness using a variety of products.

Professor John Golding on the University of London (Westminster College of Medicine) was responsible for the commissioning and publication of the Clinical Trial using our product.

The results are fascinating and a must see for any potential travel sickness sufferer, including the possible side effects. However – what is not included in the program is the Nevasic product and there are a couple of good reasons for that.

  • 1. The products tested in the program showed little signs of success – one of the reasons for being included.
  • 2. The Nevasic app content was proven to work in a clinical trial for over a year by Professor John Golding and his published paper states “the product provided significant protection.

Download the Nevasic App today for a non-drug way to prevent the symptoms of Travel Sickness, Pregnancy Sickness and many other forms of Nausea.

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