“If anyone could use some tips on managing morning sickness, screw ginger biscuits and peppermint tea. There’s an app for that!

Research Nevasic, the app I downloaded on iTunes which has been a game-changer for me in managing morning sickness. All you need is your iPhone, earphones, and 27 minutes a day.”

Pregnancy is without doubt a time for taking care of your body and the baby carried within you.

That is why professionals like Kerri Holland run courses for keeping mum fit and healthy during and post pregnancy.

This testimonial from Kerri – tells of her experience using Nevasic on her third pregnancy.

We’ll let you draw your own conclusions. Kerri is a working mum and a prolific online blogger. You can find her blog at: www.keepcalmandcarrylollipops.wordpress.com

Kerri Holland - Nevasic Testimonial