How and when to use the Nevasic App

These are some simple instructions on how and when to use the Nevasic app.

First, a little understanding..

Nevasic is a new form of “antiemetic“, with no drugs, no chemicals and no side effects. Due to the nature of the product there are no age limits, no language barriers and no geographical barriers to it’s use and Nevasic is re-usable and highly cost effective.

In general we advise that Nevasic be listened to when you are suffering or enduring the symptoms of nausea and or vomiting and not if you don’t have symptoms. It has been experienced that listening to the program without having symptoms can in fact bring about symptoms for those who are susceptible.

Simple to use.

  1. Start Nevasic at the first signs of symptoms of nausea or vomiting.
  2. Listen to Nevasic all the way through, or until you are comfortable, repeat if your symptoms return.
  3. When your symptoms stop – stop using Nevasic.

Nevasic guidance notes.

  • Nevasic must always be listened to via headphones.
  • Do not attempt to skip any part of Nevasic in an effort to speed up the process of relief.
  • As a recommendation, a level of 2 – 4 on a scale of 10 should be sufficient.
  • It is not necessary to lie down while using Nevasic.
  • Do not play in car stereos.
  • Do not use through ambient speakers – ALWAYS use headphones.

When NOT to use Nevasic

If you don’t have symptoms don’t use Nevasic – it is not an entertainment.

Avoid treating Nevasic as relaxation or entertainment material and keep it for the times when you really do feel nauseous or sick.

Note: Nevasic is designed to be used at low volume settings. You should be able to talk and communicate easily and safely at all times while using Nevasic. It is the content of Nevasic and not the volume that is important and loud or excessive volume does not improve the performance of the product, can damage your ears and is strongly advised against.

You may even discover your own “best practices” for using Nevasic, as we are all different the results can be different for each of us.