Nevasic has been through its first clinical trial with cancer patients, independently organised and managed by Manchester University.

The clinical trial was organised by Professor Alex Molassiotis, Professor of Cancer and Supportive Care at the University of Manchester as part of a research project linked to a student’s PhD study. Professor Molassiotis has now moved to an overseas position, but the students thesis papers have now been published.

Protocol and management.

The protocol for the trial was prepared by staff of the university and to maintain independence and impartiality DAVAL were not involved in this process or during the course of the trial. We supplied access to the Nevasic product on a free basis.

In a statement from Professor Alex Molassiotis – using N=99 – “Early indications from the ongoing analysis suggest that, while CINV levels are not significantly different among the assessed groups of patients, there may be less use of ‘as required’ rescue antiemetics after the chemotherapy in the Nevasic group (27.9% in Nevasic group, 32.8% in music control group and 51.5% in the standard care control group), and there may be a non-significant trend for a better global health-related quality of life in the Nevasic group (P=0.06)”.

Access to the full published report:

When you reach the page hosting the abstract information at the site – you will see a link which you can use to download the full published paper.

The most relevant pages are 174 – 214 of a 350 page document.

While we regard the trial as successful – we are now actively seeking more research organisations to run more trials.

Clinical Trials with Cancer Patients.

The clinical trial process with Nevasic is nothing like the lengthy processes involved in molecular study of pharmacology products. For clear reasons – the study of pharma (drugs) has to go on for a decade and more because of the required collation of data concerning long term side effects, contra-indications and use with a wide variety of patients with other issues that can complicate a treatment regime.

The research of Nevasic can be boiled down to an extremely fast process – for there are only TWO results derived from its use;

1. It works and provides relief from symptoms

2. It fails to provide relief from symptoms


In whichever category a patient falls into nothing is ingested and therefore nothing is left with their body from the product.

However – the results of use can normally be seen relatively quickly, although in the case of the NHS research results in the field of NVP (nausea & vomiting of pregnancy) the greatest levels of relief were described as peaking at the 4 days in mark.

Remember – Nevasic has these distinct advantages;

  • Drug Free
  • No side effects
  • No contra-indications
  • Non-invasive
  • Non-ingested
  • No overdose risk Leaves nothing with the body
  • Can be left with a patient to use at their discretion – within their chosen environment
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