Morning Sickness Testimonials

Morning Sickness Testimonials

Here are just some of the letters and mails we get telling us about personal experiences from using Nevasic.
Some of these date back to the times when Nevasic, was an audio tape called MorningWell®, then a CD and now an “App”!

When testimonials come in like this…

Why would we want to do anything else?

The gratifying part of our job is when customers phone, or email us telling us about the successes they are having with Nevasic.

Even though individuals write to us we still seek out the gossip at the coal face and that means we dig into the social spaces to find out the comments. Occasionally we’ll put those up here too. These are some historical messages sent in to us.

“Genius Product
My name is Kerri Holland and I am a mother of 3, as well as a pre and postnatal fitness instructor.
When I was sick as a dog with my 3rd baby and chasing after 2 toddlers, I got pretty desperate. I knew the nausea wasn’t going to let up anytime soon and I needed to function for my kids. I started googling morning sickness cures, and read some reviews on Nevasic. I was pretty skeptical but I figured anything was worth a try. After my first listen, I felt mildly better, so I stuck with it.
After 4 or 5 days of listening to the music I can say with complete honesty that I felt entirely better.
Although I will caution anyone who uses it that they need to continue listening to it for the benefits to last. It seemed to wear off after a few hours. Small price to pay. I found the best strategy was to listen first thing in the morning before the kids woke up, then again midday at nap time, then once again before dinner. This way after listening I could eat and enjoy food again! Such a lifesaver.

I tell all my prenatal clients about Nevasic, and anyone who has been willing to try it finds that it has the same effect on them.
Next I would like to task Nevasic for coming up with an app for heartburn and stretch marks.

Thanks for developing a genius product. Best of luck spreading the word and happy to help!”

Kerri Holland – UK & USA – As posted on -Keep Calm And Carry Lollipops- 01-10-15See Kerri’s web site here

I tried this when I was looking for something to control my morning sickness – all day sickness, really.
Like their website says, you’ll should get some relief after the first use, and should be back to normal after 4 days. They definitely know what they are talking about! After the 4 days, I just listened to it when the nausea would start to come back, and it continued to work.
I definitely recommend at least trying this product!
If all I have to do, though, is commit to less than 30 minutes every 3-4 days to listen to soothing music in order to not be sick — well, who wouldn’t do that?
The program definitely works, and I have told many of my friends about it so they won’t have to suffer as I was before I found Nevasic. You were right in your initial email that it would take a few days to really work. Although I did have some relief the very first time I listened to it, it took a couple of days for the impact to really “stick.” By the 4th day, though, I was able to not only eat to nourish the new life inside me, but I was able to get down on the floor to play w/ my 3 year old — which I hadn’t been able to do for several weeks. For that alone, I thank you!! (As would he, if he knew your program was the reason he was finally able to play with mommy again.) :o)
I can’t believe there isn’t more information out there about the program. I only happened upon it while on Google because I was desperate to find something – anything – that would at least alleviate my nausea, if not cure it. I’m glad I found it!! You guys should definitely advertise w/ OBGYNs in the States; there are a lot of women who need your program who don’t even know that it’s available. I will be mentioning it to my OB at my next appointment.

Nevasic is amazing – I wish I had known about it during my last pregnancy, because it certainly would have been a lot more enjoyable for me! Thanks so much for an amazing product! I will also be submitting a glowing review on iTunes, which is where I purchased the program.
Thanks again!

Tara0707 – Tara – USA – As posted on iTunes USA

I just wish MorningWell was available for my first pregnancy three and a half years ago. It’s a God send to be rid of the sickness, when there is a lively toddler already on the scene.
Cara Pierce

I am now at ten weeks and the product has been working well for me since week 6 – Thank you!
Hannah Leacey – RN Dip. HE (Child)

It’s a complete miracle. I didn’t think it would work- I’ve been so wretchedly sick- but it did work for me and I haven’t been sick since. You’ve changed my life and I would recommend it to anybody.
Davina O’Donoghue, Group Director (Founding Partner) Evo Research and Consulting – now

It was the summer of 2001 and I was pregnant with my first child, and boy did I know it. From the moment I woke until I fell asleep at night I had constant nausea, I couldn’t so much as suck on an ice cube with out vomiting. It was getting unbearable, I had lost 2 stone and was beginning to dehydrate. The midwife said if it went on for much longer I would have to go into hospital which I did not want to happen.
Luckily for me my husband, on his day off, had seen something on the TV that caught his eye, it was a tape that was supposed to help with morning sickness, he was doubtful it would work but was desperate so ordered it. When it arrived he brought it straight to me at work and I put on my headphones to listen. By lunch time that day I was eating a proper meal and I actually kept it down. From then on everything changed I was able to carry on at work and began to eat normally again. Some days I would have to listen to the tape even before I could lift my head of the bed but it meant I could get on with my life.
I used the same method for my following two children and am just waiting on the CD version to be delivered so I can get through my fourth pregnancy with some sort of normality. I would recommend it to everyone.
Caroline Miller.
Ian, Caroline and family

To whom it may concern,
Having suffered from morning sickness with my first pregnancy until my 4th month, I dreaded facing it again, this time with a 3.5 year old at home. Sure enough, at the 6 week mark the nausea struck, this time worse than with my first pregnancy. It was affecting me at all hours of the day but was at its worst in the overnight hours, keeping me awake every night between 2 and 4 hours. The sight of any kind of food made me queasy and nothing was appetizing – I had to force myself to eat and it would take me up to an hour just to eat a dry bowl of cereal and at times, I couldn’t even look at ice cubes. By chance I came across your website looking for some sort of remedy (I had tried homeopathics, acupuncture, ginger in all of its forms, teas etc. etc.) and after reading the testimonials decided it was worth a try.
I’ve been using the program for the last 3 days and have to say I’ve already noticed improvement. I am listening to the CD 2-3 times during the day and have tried it when waking up at night and I’ve been able to get back to sleep quickly. The last 2 days I’ve actually had an appetite and have enjoyed my meals rather than dreading the thought of having to force feed myself. I imagine the days and weeks ahead will only hold more improvement and I look forward to my daughter can get her mother back, rather than seeing me having to lie down for most of the day.
I also tend to suffer from travel/motion sickness even when not pregnant so I will be making very good use of this wonderful program for years to come.
On another note, I had to call the MorningWell office for some assistance and have to say that I was so impressed with the prompt and courteous help I received. It has been years since I’ve received such outstanding customer service. Dave and Jo were absolutely wonderful in addressing my questions and providing me with the help I needed which has only added to my wonderful experience with MorningWell thus far.
Many, many thanks for developing and making available such a wonderful product and putting more joy back into pregnancy! I would recommend this program without hesitation.
Gratefully yours,
Natalie in Canada

“Thank you for such a wonderful product “MorningWell”. It was recommended to me by my boss, to try to help curb my morning sickness. It worked brilliantly. I used it through the 3rd month of my pregnancy where I was suffering with morning sickness both mornings and evenings and it helped immensely. I did stop listening to the tape at one point for two days as I thought the sickness had stopped, but no, so I just plugged myself into my headphones and it went away again. I will most certainly be recommending it to friends and family in the future. Thank you! Yours Gratefully,”
Nicola Phillips

Dear Daval,
Having been pregnant before and agonised over the associated sickness that I experienced 24 hrs a day, I was very nervous about being pregnant again. I researched morning sickness for months before falling pregnant, and bought the MorningWell cassette in preparation. The morning sickness kicked in around 6 weeks and I immediately started to use the tape when nausea was present. I found that in the first week the sickness subsided significantly – it did return for the next 8 weeks but I found that playing the cassette as I went off to sleep or whilst working at the computer kept the vomiting at bay. I also found that the following day (after playing the cassette as I went off to sleep) the nausea was significantly lessened.
I would recommend this product to all pregnant mothers that suffer from nausea as it was a great source of comfort to me. I found that nothing else helped (apart from nibbling on crackers) – things like ginger ale, ginger tea, morning sickness tablets by Blackmores, or acupressure bands did nothing for me – the MorningWell tapes kept me sane during a very distressing and uncomfortable time and I am very grateful to the people who have made this tape available!
Louise Jones – Sydney, Australia

I really didn’t know who to write this too, but I just had to say something. The Morning Well CD is a miracle! I have suffered with awful all day nausea, and was getting to the point of not being able to take it anymore. I started feeling awful at 6 weeks pregnant, and it just seemed to be getting worse and worse. At about 9 weeks is when I discovered the Morning Well CD and decided to give it a try. Nothing else was helping me at all. I used it the first day I got it 3 times, and felt improvement each time I used it, but I felt the best the next day after listening to it right before I went to bed the night before. I have been using it for 5 days now, and I keep feeling better and better, being able to eat better, and I have so much more energy as well. It truly is amazing! I’m so glad I decided to try it, because it has made me feel like I can function normally again! Thank you for a wonderful lifesaving product!
Janai Walter – (bought from in the USA).

“She has my compete and utter sympathy. I had Hyperemesis during both my pregnancies and was being sick 12/14 times a day. Things like ginger, flat coke, etc made me even more sick. I used to go everywhere with plastic bags to be sick in and pull over frequently when driving to be sick. DS1 used to come and be sick with me in the toilet…look Mummy I am being sick as well!!
What helped me a lot was a tape called Morning Well, was works on electrical impulses in the brain to reduce sickness.
I really really recommend it, and I have faith in the research as I found our later my consultant was involved in the medical trials and he is by far the best member of the medical profession I have ever come across.”
Eve By – on Mumsnet

Dear Life Long Products,
I should like to reiterate that the MorningWell tape has made a huge difference to my quality of life and has helped where acupuncture and homeopathy have failed.
I use it every day and it helps me to lead a near normal life, now that the nausea has been ‘dampened’ down.
Thank you again.
With kind regards
Kathleen Lloyd – Stroud, Glos (Life Long Products customers)

Dear Sir or Madam
I simply had to let you know how helpful I have found your “MorningWell” cassette tape. It has made such a dramatic difference to my second pregnancy, as I have hardly suffered from sickness or nausea at all, since using it. At the first signs of nausea I would listen to your tape and within a matter of minutes I would feel so much better. In fact my personal stereo has hardly been out of my sight for the first three months of my pregnancy. As you can appreciate, with a very active 2 year old daughter, I do not have the luxury of being able to go back to bed or take it easy if I am feeling rough, so the MorningWell tape has made our family life so much easier as I have been able to carry on as normal.
Thank you again.
With kind regards,
Sarah Ashton – Stokenteignhead, Newton Abbot (Life Long Products clients)


Dear Life Long Products,
I felt I must write to you to let you know how effective the ‘MorningWell’ tape has been for me.
When I was pregnant for my first little boy, who is now three years old, I was very, very sick, not just in the morning, but practically all day and night, if I was not actually being sick, I felt so nauseous, it was unbearable. This lasted for over five months.
When I became pregnant again last year, naturally, I was dreading the sickness and nausea and just hoped that perhaps this time I wouldn’t suffer so badly. But, it started again quite soon into the pregnancy. As I suffer from MS, the thought of not only having to look after my little boy and suffering with sickness and nausea all day and night for several months, was too much for me to contemplate. When my midwife suggested that I try the ‘MorningWell’ tape, I jumped at the chance to try it – I would have tried anything!! It was reassuring to know also that the tape was totally 100% safe for both the baby and myself.
Within a very short period, the tape worked for me, I was no longer sick or felt nauseous whilst listening to the tape. As time went on the more I listened to the tape, the more powerful it seemed to become. In fact the whole sickness period was reduced to only three months, unlike with my first child where I was sick for five months, I am convinced that this is due to the tape.
My little boy is now five months old and I would like to say to anyone who is suffering from ‘morning sickness’ to get the tape immediately and start using it straight away – it was a godsend for me and I am sure it will be for you also.
Many thanks,
Sharon Standfield – Andover, Hants (Life Long Products clients)


Dear Life Long Products,
I felt I must write to let you know how pleased I am with the ‘MorningWell’ tape and how it has helped me.
With my first pregnancy I was extremely sick all the way throughout the whole nine months, I was even sick during the labour!! I either felt nauseous or was sick most of the time. In fact, at one time I had to go into hospital, as I could not stop vomiting and was even bringing up blood. I lost a lot of weight during the pregnancy as I couldn’t even bear to look or smell food, least of all actually eat very much.
Naturally, I was not terribly excited at the thought of another pregnancy, but knew that we wanted two children. With my second pregnancy right from the start I began to feel like I did before and was dreading the coming months, especially as I now had a young toddler to look after also. One of my husband’s colleagues heard an article on the radio on the ‘MorningWell’ tape and my husband ordered one for me.
I gained relief from the tape quite quickly. Listening to the tape through a good stereo system, via headphones, really relieved the sickness and has enabled me to eat a healthy diet, thus giving me more energy.
I would say that the tape has made this pregnancy very bearable and I would now even consider having another baby (if they weren’t so expensive and such hard work!!)
I am so grateful that I tried the tape and would recommend other expectant Mums suffering from sickness and nausea to try it also.
Many thanks
Lucy Frostwick – Truro, Cornwall (Life Long Products clients)

I am in a similar situation at 33 weeks, my night and day sickness having never gone away. Nowhere near as bad as it was but still enough for my ketones to be present at every check up. The only advice I ever get is to rest, eat properly….great when you have a 2 1/2 year old and working 4 days a week.
I live on bland food, mashed potato etc, carbohydrate rich food makes me feel better, avoid fizzy drinks but drink glucose sports drinks and get lots of sleep. I find tiredness makes it worse so I go to bed with DS at 8pm every night. DH also sleeps in the spare room as I am a very light sleeper, his snoring annoys me and the bed gets too hot.
I use an iron supplement called ‘SPATONE’ which is basically sachets of iron rich mineral water. It is supposed to be gentle on the stomach but I can only manage to keep it down sometime. Its available in Boots but not on pescription.
I have also recommended in a previous post a tape called Morningwell (…I think) which helps morning sickness, helped me a lot in the early days.
By Eve –

Subject: RE: Morning sickness (long!)
Hi Rachel
I really hope you’re checking your replies here because I have some proper advice for you. I have been having very bad morning sickness since about 6 weeks (I’m now 9) and was feeling really desparate. Like you I wasn’t eating any proper meals and basically couldn’t cope with anything. On my antenatal club page Sue posted a link to a site called which sells a tape called morningwell of sound, frequencies and vibrations which you listen to when you feel sick and its supposed to help. After reading the report which showed that most women in the trial they did had at least a reduction in their symptoms if not lost their sickness altogether I decided anything’s worth a try.
I got the tape yesterday and after one after noon of listening to it periodically I began to feel much better, so much so that I managed to eat a bowl of pasta and cheese for dinner! When I woke up feeling sick in the night I put the tape on again and it totally took the sickness away. Today I am feeling slightly queasy but nothing like I was feeling. Please try it, it really might work for you too!
Now that I’ve said all that I’ll probably start feeling awful again! Let me know how you get on!
x Esther

Morning Sickness – A Cure (sort of)…..I am now 14 weeks with my 2nd and suffering very badly with Hypermesis Gravidavum (severe sickness) and was being sick 10+ times a day. As you can imagine sickness to this degree is dehabiliting!
My midwife, who is excellent, found for me a tape called MorningWell, which when listened to through headphones is supposed to reduce the sickness by 90%. I can say it helped me immensley, and I thoroughly recommend it. Within a week I went from being sick 10+ times a day to 1 or 2, which I can live with.
The tape is available via the website WWW.MorningWell.Co.UK (a donation from all sales go to NCT).
I was fairly sceptical about how it worked, apparently something to do with sonic waves and brain signals…but hey, if it helps make my life bearable I’m sold.
By Eve –

JANE – bougth from

Well, good news. The MorningWell tapes seem to have worked. My morning sickness has receded dramatically (in fact I haven’t retched at all today). I’m such a sceptic I still think it may just be a coincidence but…..If you want to get hold of the tapes you can order them over the web. I’m off on holiday for a week and they’re definitely coming with me, so sorry no loans!
Hmonty –
Congratulation Eulalia! Another one to join the club!

On the bleeding front I had a very slight bleed with my first pregnancy at about 6 weeks and went on to have a very healthy baby. However, my third pregnancy I had a slight bleed and lost the baby. I don’t want to panic you but I think it’s worth checking with your GP. I’ve heard that to have a bleed at about the time your period was due is normal but maybe your GP could reassure you better.
On the MorningWell front I actually placed an order for a tape yesterday afternoon (4pmish or later) and it arrived this morning. Now that’s what I call service. I’ll test it out in a bit (luckily feeling sickness free at the moment) and let you know if it does the trick. During previous pregnancies I sworn by eating lemon sherbets (constantly…Drove my dentist mad!) and by eating small and often. Tried the motion sickness bands but I just ended up with sore wrists….Some people do swear by them though.
I’ll let you know how I get on with the tapes….Only problem is that I don’t have a walkman so I’m using the kids tape recorder (Fisher price!) and a pair of head phones. Not exactly portable!
Hmonty –

The product was easy to use and certainly did not impinge on my daily life. In most cases it certainly eased the symptoms to the point where it was tolerable and in some cases it stopped it altogether. It was particularly effective at night when my nausea sometimes returned. It has made a huge difference to my quality of life and thank you for a fantastic product. I shall certainly recommend it to friends and family.
Katie Kirk

Completely surprised it worked. Was very sceptical but was very pleased to find it worked. Only now feel sick if I am very tired and have been very busy at work. Have not been sick since starting the tape. Listened to the music rather than turned the volume down as lost the instructions during the first week but it still worked. I hope whoever discovered these sound waves gets a Nobel prize!!
Jaki Parsons

From the day I started using the product I stopped being sick. Up to this point I was being sick up to five times a day throughout the day. While using the product I did still feel sick most of the time but it stopped me actually vomiting. On some days the tape had more effect than on other days, but overall I found the product extremely effective and it was a great relief to find something that actually worked having already tried acupuncture and seasickness bands. I would certainly recommend it.
Julie Kitson

“A lot of the time I seem to raise myself out of bed and the sickness comes. Once I get to work at 7.00 and listen to the tape the feeling goes.”
Shona Shering

“It was a very convenient way of easing the sickness, it made me feel a lot better with use during the day. Short and often sessions through the day helped immensely.”
Dawn Webb

“I expected to feel as sick with my second baby as I did with my first. This product helped me through and would recommend it to any sick person. The best thing about it was that my sickness never came back on the day of using the tape.”
Kirsten Henderson

“I have found over the course of the week my symptoms eased a lot to almost no nausea at all. I will carry on using the tape until my sickness either goes completely or my 12 – 14 weeks are up.”
Lisa Gillett

“The product seems to work very well and on most occasions stopped me feeling sick. I found on the days when the symptoms are strongest that the tape only eased how I felt.”
Sharon Kellers

“I thought this tape was great. It stopped the feeling of sickness quickly which enabled me to carry on with my day, especially as I have got an active three year old to keep up with. Thank you”
Catherine Tarrant

The product certainly relieved the symptoms of morning sickness quite quickly after use.
Joanne Fleeman

As I was still only 9 weeks pregnant, I have to admit it must have been the tape which stopped my morning sickness, and would recommend it.
Cherrel Perry

“I personally thought the tape was a Godsend, as I have been experiencing sickness throughout the day, every day. If someone said to me about it before I would not have believed it, so trying it certainly proved me wrong. I would certainly recommend it to anyone suffering with sickness through pregnancy, it does work.
Melanie Fellingham

It prevented the sickness taking hold as it had on previous days. Being physically sick almost became a thing of the past (I didn’t feel I could sit at work with a walkman on). I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the product to other pregnant mums.
Linda Adams

“I wish I’d had it about 10 weeks earlier, it did stop the symptoms”.
Rachel Robins

This product helped me enormously. Up until I started the MorningWell tape I was constantly being sick throughout the day, with evenings the worst time. However, within three days of starting the tape the sickness had eased and by the end of the first week I noticed a significant improvement in my general wellbeing. Thank you.
Mrs G Casson

This product helped me enormously. Up until I started the MorningWell tape I was constantly being sick throughout the day, with evenings the worst time. However, within three days of starting the tape the sickness had eased and by the end of the first week I noticed a significant improvement in my general wellbeing. Thank you.
Mrs G Casson

Initially I did not think that the tape could possibly work and was rather sceptical about it. However, the more I used it the better progress I seemed to be making with it. After seven days use I have been free of almost all symptoms, with slight bouts of an uneasy feeling. I am thrilled to have had the symptoms subside and would recommend the use in all fields where sickness can be a problem.
Becky Redstone

I thought I’d write to you and let you know how my friend got on with the tape. Coincidence or miraculously, after she played the tape four or five times she began to feel a lot better. The sickness, nausea she had been feeling subsided, and from that time she did not need to be re-admitted into the clinic ever again.
Many thanks again for an ingenious invention,
Yours sincerely Cathy
Cathy in Cyprus

I suffered dreadful morning sickness and for medical reasons there is no safe medication to remedy the situation. To my amazement, only twenty minutes after listening to the tape I felt not slightly better, but all my symptoms had gone! I then didn’t have any more nauseous feelings for three days! I had been ill to the point of not physically being able to move at times, everyday as clockwork for six weeks or more! To know there are no medicine’s being put into your body, and for something else to work and eliminate the problem is miraculous! Thank you for helping me.
Jacquie Hoyle

“Before I tried the MorningWell tape, I felt sick most of the time and was willing to try anything to relieve my symptoms. The tape really helped ease my sickness and made me feel much more human again!”
Michele Stimson

“Prior to the week recorded I had been feeling nauseous most days. On the days when I used the product the nausea did return later in the day, but using it again would ease it off again.” (In the rest of Debbie’s notes she remarked “strong relief gained”).
Debbie Henrys

“The symptoms were well and truly fixed for the day and hard to budge, but after listening to the tape it eased if not stopped the symptoms which to any mother to be with these feelings is a God send. Very impressed.”
Joanna Wright