When testimonials come in like this…

Why would we want to do anything else?

The gratifying part of our job is when customers phone, or email us telling us about the successes they are having with Nevasic.

Even though individuals write to us we still seek out the gossip at the coal face and that means we dig into the social spaces to find out the comments. Occasionally we’ll put those up here too. These are some historical messages sent in to us.

Here are just some of the letters and mails we get telling us about personal experiences from using Nevasic.

Some of these date back to the times when Nevasic, was an audio tape called TravelWell®, then a CD and now an “App”!

“This really worked for me!

Thank you Nevasic now l am “nevah sick”. About six months ago l started riding the bus to work and after six months of riding l was still experiencing motion sickness. The only thing l could do about it was shut my eyes and sit near an open window. Now that I’ve got the Nevasic ap l don’t get sick. I can read, I can sit anywhere l like, look anywhere l like, with windows closed even! I listen to Nevasic 10-15 minutes before l ride and then complete the rest of the session on the bus. I sure wish l could listen to the Nevasic and use other aps at the same time. Even with os4 multitasking this was not possible as of this date. But despite that l am ever so grateful for this product. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!”


For motion sickness

Radruth – Jun 26, 2010

“I have bought and used nevasic for several years now, thank you. I have found it 100% effective from me being physically sick, even when I once had an actual sickness bug while on a bus journey. I really believe in the programme and believe it has saved me on many occasion from embarrassing myself in public, which is my biggest worry of motion sickness, being sick in public.”


For motion sickness

“This is a big thank-you, because nevasic has changed my life. I am eleven, and get extremely bad travel sickness, and I used not to be able to ride in a car, coach or train for over quarter of an hour without continually throwing up everywhere, much less on a plane or boat.

However, all that has changed since I started using nevasic. I went for an hour’s train ride and felt nothing. I was so amazed, that to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, the next time I went on a long train ride I didn’t take the nevasic. As usual, I was throwing up everywhere for most of the journey. The nevasic worked perfectly.

nevasic has made my life better. It’s wonderful to be able to travel without being sick, so THANK YOU!!!!!!”


For motion sickness

“I have tried the programme on my son, n (11 years old) for whom I got it, and it looked like it worked.

Miss E Schlappa

For motion sickness, Staffordshire - UK

I took a friend out fishing, who got a little “woozy” even though he had taken some Dramamine.

I gave him the programme to listen to and he got over it.

I was very sceptical about the programme and tried it only because nothing else had worked for my son.

I am still not sure why it seems to work but apparently it does, at least for the two people I tried it on.

I am very pleased with the results so far and I will definitely recommend your product.

Best regards,

Peter Ohlendorf”

Peter Ohlendorf – New York

Peter Ohlendorf

For motion sickness, New York

“All I can say is “hooray for nevasic.” We’ve been using it on Isobel since February and she hasn’t had an attack of motion sickness while using it but if we don’t use it there is a good chance of her feeling sick, particularly in her Dad’s car (a Vectra) and on windy roads.

I don’t know the age range of your previous users but Izzy was just over 3.5 when she started using it – she will be 4 in July. It’s quite hard to actually get her to sit still for 20 mins before we go anywhere so she just ends up wearing it in the car for a while when we set off. She loves the music, and so do I if it helps, having suffered from travel sickness as a child I was convinced we were going to spend the next 10 years confined to the house.

In June we are making a 24 hour ferry crossing to Spain, after a whole day’s driving to Plymouth, but I’m not at all anxious about it, I know that nevasic is the only way to guarantee a sick-free trip!

Please feel free to use me as an example of a satisfied customer.

Many, many thanks

Susan Chisholme

Susan Chisholme

For motion sickness, UK

“I got the nevasic programme for my 5 year old Granddaughter and use it in the car with good results.”


For motion sickness, Hampshire, UK

“I was not sick at all in Kuala Lumpur or Thailand or France – on the ferry in a Force 8 – but was when I forgot to take the machine and programme – in a taxi!! So it appears to work – my ears are a bit funny from having it in though – must be the shape of them!!!”

Mrs. Wendy Turner

For motion sickness, Isle Of White

“My story is a sad one. Earlier this year my husband, Father and I were to visit my Aunt in Yorkshire – a three hour drive. As my Father is elderly and needs to sit in the front seat it would have meant me travelling in the back and suffering severe travel sickness. Dreading this I kept putting the visit off. Unhappily my Aunt died suddenly in her sleep unexpectedly two months ago. By then I had received my nevasic programme and was able to travel to the funeral without physical discomfort.

I wish I had the programme earlier.”


For motion sickness, Northumberland

“I listened to the programme before going on an hours bus journey. I live in the countryside and the route the bus takes is through all the neighbouring villages (back of beyond!). The bus goes along all the winding lanes, so as you can imagine to someone with travel sickness the journey is horrendous, but I listened to the programme that you sent me and I felt really relaxed before and during the journey and didn’t feel sick at all. NO MORE CARRIER BAGS FOR ME!!!

Wonderful, thanks.”

Ms Mizzen

For motion sickness, Essex

“As a family we all enjoy sailing, with the exception of my 15 year old son who was always a victim of seasickness. Since using nevasic he has not been sick and is now enjoying sailing as it should be.”


For motion sickness, Gloucester


“We look to your programme to quell the stomachs of our passengers without any side effects. Well done.”


Director, Australian Antarctic Adventures Pty

“Within seven minutes the awful, ill feeling had vanished. The result was a good night’s sleep and absolutely no sea-sickness.”


Director, Eye On Australia

“I found the programme delightful and relaxing. I wasn’t sea sick at all”


Director, Spice Island Cruises

“It’s obvious the programmes are effective.”


Director, Tyab, Australia

Amazing product!


Operations Supervisor, Sitmar Cruises - Australia