What is “Nevasic”

What is NEVASIC?

Nevasic is a highly technical innovation that uses specially constructed audio signals to generate an antiemetic reaction. This in turn can help reduce or even eliminate the symptoms felt by sufferers of travel or motion sickness or those undergoing morning sickness due to pregnancy. It may even help those undergoing chemotherapy by reducing the symptoms associated with such treatment.

Explain it to me …

Nevasic is a new form of antiemetic, with no drugs, no chemicals and no side effects.

Due to the nature of the product there are no age limits, no language barriers and no geographical barriers to it’s use and nevasic is re-usable and highly cost effective.

A unique audio programme that can relieve or dispel the symptoms of nausea & vomiting – without a drug or chemical, without a side effect, without causing further complications or interactions and yet leave nothing with the body the instant you stop using it.

Whats in Nevasic?

Nothing … well nothing that you would ingest!

This unique specialist audio programme contains specific tones, frequencies and pulses concealed by an over-layer of music.

Many of the frequencies and pulses that desensitise the Vestibular system are bordering our recognizable audio spectrum, but still have a profound effect on the ear.

In other words your ear is still picking them up but you may not recognise it – much the same as a dog whistle, your ear receives it but you don’t register it.

  • No Hypnotic methods employed
  • No subliminal messaging employed
  • No spoken material used

OK! So how does it work?

The ears (Vestibular Labyrinths) are regarded as “emetic detectors” and play a vital part in the generation and passage of signals to the brain.

The ears together with the brain and gut are the three primary organs involved in the process of emesis.

We have demonstrated that issuing the specifically identified and constructed tones, frequencies and pulses in this programme to the ear in a direct mode we disrupt the normal signal chain at the Vestibular level and therefore affect the chain. By affecting the chain in this manner we have also demonstrated the ability to stop and prevent emesis or sickness.

Why not download Nevasic today and give it a try yourself.

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